The Road Rising

Keep Calm and Carry On

I get a little annoyed when people blog stuff about their personal, inner feelings or whatever, which runs counter to the whole idea of a personal blog I suppose, but I try to avoid dragging you as a reader down into my inner shit. Not because I’m ashamed or trying to be humble, I just don’t want people mucking about in my internals in exchange for some kind of validation.

Taking all of this into consideration, I feel a little hypocritical going back into the self-analyzing mode of some of my earlier, more self-indulgent posts, but I think there’s also something to be said for honesty in a blog.

Honesty and, to a certain degree, public gratitude. So here we go:

Thank you, London!

From the bottom of my little, American heart!

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On the other side of the coin, THIS! EMOTIONAL ROLLER COASTER!

I probably should have put Keane on my London playlist. I’m just a hot mess of emotion; if London were a human being I would kiss it full on the mouth right now.

The Last Day

I woke up feeling nauseous this morning. My stomach rolled and I thought, “today’s my last day in London,” in that order. And then I felt sicker.

I still had about a thousand words to top off on my final essay but I decided that wasn’t going to get in the way of me polishing off my bucket list. There’s this grungy, indie pub across the street from our dorm called The Big Chill House, which supposedly has a good full English, so I set up my laptop and continued to work on my paper while I waited for my food.

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British Pageantry and Hyde Park


I think my legs are about to fall off. I walked pretty much non-stop for three and a half hours this morning.

Buckingham Palace was on the docket for today; as I said before after someone said to me, “How have you not been to Buckingham Palace yet? That’s the first thing American’s do.” I resolved to make it my last. Well, one of the last things anyway.

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My London Playlist

I take great pride in my carefully crafted playlists and I love sharing them with other people. Even though I think that a good playlist is always changing I thought that I’d post my London playlist as it stands currently for my final More Music Monday. It’s a mix of songs I listened to to psych myself before coming, music I’ve discovered while being here, and some British artists that I think you should know about. That being said, you’ll find no One Direction here. I regret nothing.

"London Calling" - The Clash. I’m sorry, but duh, seriously.

"Love Love" - Take That. People give Take That so much shit (probably because they’re basically a boy band who didn’t know when to let the past die) but I kind of like this song, okay? It’s on the X-Men First Class soundtrack.

"Valerie, feat. Amy Winehouse" - Mark Ronson. Yeah I know, you know Amy Winehosue already, just shut up and shake your ass will ya? (Well, once we get past the whole minute of introduction in the video, gawd)

"Girls And Boys In Love" - The Rumble StripsFavorite. Love this song. It sounds like what it’s about.

"London" - The Rumble Strips. Seriously, British boys, just let me love you okay?

"Ask" - The SmithA good outlook on life, no?

"Right As Rain" - Adele. This is very “mainstream” of me considering Adele is the world’s darling right now, I just like how sassy this song is. Plus, there were a few drunken Adele sing-a-longs this semester so she had to make the list.

Something Good Can Work - Two Door Cinema Club I posted this once already but I found a better quality link. Also I just love it. There’s something about this song that just feels like you could dance to it not in spite of all the shit in your life, but because of it. I dunno, that sounded a little more hipster than I meant it.

"I Can Talk" - Two Door Cinema Club. I almost posted this one instead of “Something Good Can Work” a few weeks ago. Just listen to all their stuff, yeah?

"Oh No!" - Marina and The Diamonds. Marina doesn’t give two shits what you think, which is why I like her. Also she’s Welsh.

*I’m also a big fan of Ed Sheeran (I’ve posted a few of his songs before) and Coldplay (YEAH, I like Coldplay, WHAT OF IT?), but I couldn’t find a good way to work them into this particular playlist. So yeah, them too.

Parks and Literary Landmarks

(Oxford Street)

It is my last weekend in London and I am crying on the inside… and the outside.

I’m just about ready to go home; I’ve gone over budget on my souvenir purchases, my bucket list has dwindled to a few big ticket items I’m saving for last, and I’ve still got finals hanging over my head. Soon, all I will want is to go back to Cleveland, eat a cheeseburger from Swenson’s, and fall into the first bed I see. And yet writing that still makes me sad.


(Everyone has a gorgeous garden in Hamstead)

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One Day, When I’m Dead…

I hope the kids I intend on having and their kids and maybe, if I live long enough, their kids go through all the stuff I leave behind and when they do I hope they say, “Wow, look at this train ticket from Prague, look at this ticket stub from the globe theatre, look at this book from Paris with an inscription from great-great-grandad; mom/grandma/great-grandma lived a really full life… but damn if that bitch wasn’t a pack rat.”

"Oh, come on, that’s lovely."
They really have a quick turn around on tea addiction here, just four months and I’m already taking less sugar. If I stayed much longer they’d have to fit me for an iv drip like the rest of the country.

"Oh, come on, that’s lovely."

They really have a quick turn around on tea addiction here, just four months and I’m already taking less sugar. If I stayed much longer they’d have to fit me for an iv drip like the rest of the country.

[Sexy] means loving someone you don’t know

– Jhumpa Lahiri, Interpreter of Maladies
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